Is It Safe To Take Grab in Bangkok? Pros and Cons of Grab in Thailand

Are you traveling to Bangkok soon and curious about the safety of using Grab, a popular ride-hailing service?

This post will cover the pros and cons of using Grab in Thailand so you can make an informed decision.

We’ll explore whether or not it’s safe to use Grab in Bangkok, the advantages of using this ride-hailing service, and its potential drawbacks.

So let’s dive into this topic and learn more about taking Grab in Bangkok!

Is It Safe To Take Grab in Bangkok?

Are you wondering if it is safe to use Grab in Thailand? Many tourists find Grab the most convenient way to get around cities in Thailand.

Is It Safe To Take Grab in Bangkok? YES. It is safe. Here are some reasons why Grab is safe for tourists to use in Thailand:

  • The meter is always turned on, so there is no room for scams.
  • You don’t need to negotiate the price of your ride.
  • The Grab app lets you see the driver approaching you.

Is Grab legal in Thailand?

While there are some legislative issues, Grab is recognized by the Thai government and all political parties.

This means using Grab in Thailand is legal and will not get you into trouble. It’s important to note that not all drivers may be licensed, but it is their responsibility to obtain a license.

Grab is currently operating in over 20 cities in Thailand and expanding quickly.

Why Choose Grab for Taxis in Thailand?

There are numerous benefits to using Grab Thailand instead of hailing a taxi from the side of the road:

Grab taxis are relatively inexpensive – they are usually cheaper than traditional taxis when using the “Just Grab” option instead of “Grab Car.”

Grab taxis typically arrive swiftly. In many cases, we discovered that booking a Grab was faster than flagging down a cab on the street. The waiting time for “Just Grab” cars usually ranges from one to seven minutes, and the app’s time estimates are very accurate.

Grab is convenient – as long as you have mobile data or Wi-Fi access, you can order a taxi virtually anywhere in Thailand, particularly in towns and cities.

You don’t have to negotiate prices – the Grab app determines your fair price. In our experience, drivers do not ask for additional payment, but you can always add a small tip.
Everyone pays the same price – it’s a pleasant surprise to travel around Thailand without being charged inflated tourist rates.

The Grab app promotes accountability – drivers are registered with the App, ensuring they provide a good service.

The app communicates your destination to the driver, eliminating the need to stand on the side of the road and attempt to explain where you want to go.

You can pay for Grab taxis using a bank card instead of cash. In the era of social distancing, this is yet another advantage of apps over traditional taxis.

Grab taxis come to you – at least, that’s the intention! Previously, you had to find an excellent spot to flag down a cab. Nowadays, taxis locate your position using the Grab app and come to pick you up.

The Pros of Grab

Grab is an affordable transportation option that offers various benefits. Many people consider Grab exceptionally inexpensive, so much so that some drivers may not find it worth their time to work for the company.

If you use Grab exclusively, you can travel around Bangkok for less than USD 5 per day, a fantastic deal compared to taking taxis.

Aside from being cheap, Grab is also convenient. The app is user-friendly and provides several transportation options, such as cars, motorbikes, and tuk-tuks.

You can use GrabPay, the company’s digital payment system, to make payments for your rides without needing cash.

Furthermore, Grab is a safe option for transportation. Drivers undergo thorough screening and background checks before being authorized to work for the company, ensuring they are in good hands when using Grab.

Additionally, the app tracks your location and shares this information with your emergency contacts, providing quick access to help in an emergency.

The Cons of Grab

Knowing the positives and negatives before downloading the Grab app in Thailand is essential.

While it’s affordable, finding a driver can be challenging because many drivers only work part-time and during peak hours. If you need a ride at an off-peak time, expect a longer wait for a driver.

Additionally, while many drivers have some level of English proficiency, they are not guaranteed to be fluent.

This can lead to communication difficulties, especially when giving directions to a driver with limited English skills.

Lastly, it’s important to note that the quality of vehicles Grab uses in Thailand may not be up to par with other Southeast Asian countries like Singapore.

It’s not uncommon for cars to have a cigarette smell or minor dings and scratches. Keep this in mind to avoid any surprises.

What Is The Difference Between GrabTaxi vs. GrabCar?

The main differences are the fares and car types. GrabTaxi uses a metered fare, while GrabCar has a fixed.

GrabTaxi is a regular taxi, while GrabCar is a private car. You can pay for either service using a card or cash.

Taking a Grab or a car rental – Which is better in Thailand?

When deciding between taking a Grab or renting a car in Thailand, it’s essential to consider your priorities and plans.

For short journeys, Grab taxis are generally cheaper than car rentals. However, a car rental may be more convenient and cost-effective if you plan multiple longer trips over a few days.

As a rule of thumb, car rental may be the better option if you’re traveling more than 50km in a day with several stops.

In Thailand, car rental for a single day typically costs around 800 baht (£16 or $20), and petrol costs should also be factored in at approximately 30-40 baht (60p – 80p) per liter.

For longer rentals, deals for around 500 baht per day can be found.

Car rental can be advantageous for families with young children, as most rental companies offer baby seats (with an additional cost).

However, a potential disadvantage is a liability in the event of an accident or damage to the car, with rental companies usually requiring cash deposits of 5,000 baht or more.

For those who prefer less stress, Grab may be the better choice.

Top 4 Reasons for Using Grab in Bangkok

Let’s look at the Grab application and how you can enhance your experience in Bangkok. Here are four reasons why you should use the app:

1. Transportation

Once you download the app and register your details, you will see various options for transportation, food, and shopping. If you select the transportation option, you can choose from “Just Grab,” “Grab Car,” “Grab Taxi,” or “Grab Motorbike.”

After entering your destination and ensuring that your location is on, you can select your preferred mode of transportation. We recommend using Grab Car, which is the most expensive but provides the best service.

Grab Car:

With Grab Car, you’ll have your driver in a private car, identified by the make, model, and number plate, along with a Grab rating when you book.

Although they may not speak English, they have your information beforehand and use a transport navigation device, reducing the chances of miscommunication, which has been a problem with taxi drivers.

Grab Car is your best bet in Bangkok, as you’ll get drivers who know the routes, can navigate traffic, and operate clean, private cars.

Grab Taxi:

If you choose Grab Taxi, there is a slightly higher chance of encountering some of the usual taxi problems.

If you select Grab, you may get a car or a taxi, depending on who is closest. However, if you get a car, Just Grab is cheaper than Grab Car.

Grab motorbikes:

Grab motorbikes are helpful if you don’t want to go and find one or wait in a queue, but the drivers are often standard motorcycle taxi drivers using the app to pick up extra fares.

You will be given the price of the journey, which cannot change once you book the ride, along with an estimated arrival time for the driver.

The driver may contact you using Google Translate to let you know they are on their way or when they arrive. You can track their progress via the app with a visual Google Map-style view of their activity.

Real-time updates:

Once connected with your Grab driver, you will receive real-time updates on the expected waiting time, which is usually not very long, as drivers in the area will likely accept the job.

While drivers are not supposed to cancel, it may happen occasionally. However, the company will penalize them for doing so repeatedly, whether regarding ratings or being allowed to use the app.

One of the great things about Grab is that you are asked to provide feedback and relevant comments after each ride, which was previously uncommon in Thailand. This helps the company maintain or improve its levels of service.


Regarding payment options for Grab services, both cashless and cash are available. The app may suggest going cashless by offering discounts, but it’s important to note that a fee will be automatically deducted if you cancel for any reason.

While this may seem fair, one downside is that sometimes after booking a driver and being told they will arrive in 5 minutes, the message remains the same even after waiting for 30 minutes. If you cancel due to this delay, you’ll be responsible for refunding the driver’s efforts.

2. The Grab Food

The Grab Food Delivery option is trendy among locals, offering a simple process for ordering food from recommended restaurants.

The app shows the total price and estimated arrival time for your delivery. You can also add notes for the driver, but there may be occasional miscommunications due to translation issues.

If you accidentally choose the wrong driver, they may cancel your order, which can be frustrating. However, you can expect your delivery to arrive within 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the restaurant’s distance from your location.

3. Grab Mart

Grab Mart is an excellent option for needing groceries or other items delivered. The app lists supermarkets and stores, and delivery times may vary depending on the distance.

The driver may even send you pictures of out-of-stock or unappetizing items before purchasing them.

This service is helpful for weekly shopping or smaller purchases, especially since many supermarkets in Thailand do not offer home delivery.

4. Grab Express

With Grab Express, you can easily have essential items delivered quickly across congested areas or busy streets.

Simply input the item details and receive a price and the estimated arrival time. This option is especially helpful in emergencies, such as when someone is locked out without keys.

Overall, Grab is a helpful service to use in Bangkok.

How to report Grab drivers?

To report a Grab driver, you can rate them immediately after your ride or from the history section of the Grab app.

To rate a driver from the history section, follow these steps: click on the Menu button, select the History button, and choose the ride you want to rate. Rate it with one to five stars, and click Submit.

It’s important to note that there have been recent reports of Grab drivers being selective and refusing rides for no reason. If this happens, don’t be discouraged and try to find another ride.


Overall, it would be best to consider the pros and cons before deciding to take a trip in a Grab ride.

The cost savings can be considerable, and the company takes several measures to ensure the safety of its riders and drivers.

The pros and cons of using Grab in Bangkok depend on your needs and conditions.

If you are looking for cost-effective transportation in a convenient way, then Grab is an excellent option for you.

The choice is ultimately yours – consider these pros and cons when deciding!

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