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Bangkok Hangover Tours was founded by Jenie Smiles who have experienced and enjoyed all of Thailand’s offers.

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We are committed to helping our readers plan the perfect trip with tips on saving money while traveling in Thailand, what to see and do for each budget level, and even transportation options.

Plus, find insider tips from locals on where the best spots are hidden in cities like Bangkok or Chiang Mai. From our extensive research on the different communities in each city, you will gain a better understanding of how each location has its own unique identity.

Our blog posts also contain plenty of information on cultural issues such as etiquette when visiting temples and customs you should observe when interacting with locals.

On top of that, be sure to take advantage of our free printable guides that give essential advice regarding safety measures while exploring. That way, not only can you enjoy an unforgettable journey but you also keep yourself safe during it.

Besides our practical advice articles about traveling through Thailand, Bangkok Hangover Tours also offers amazing stories written by passionate writers who want their readers to truly experience the beauty of this enchanting country through their own eyes without any judgment or preconceived expectations.

Whether you seek to partake in thrilling adventures or relaxing getaways, whatever kind of traveler you’re looking for – our authors will give you something special takeaway from this remarkable place called “Thailand.”

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