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More about the Hangover Tour...

The Bangkok Hangover Tour started after the popular movie The Hangover 2 was released. The movie was set on location in Bangkok (see bottom of this page for scenes from the making of the movie). The story features the Wolf Pack on a another wild night out, this time in Bangkok.

The tour will visit the bars used for the actual filming as well as other bars which were not in the movie but are very popular and a great deal of fun.

We also include some of the world famous 'one night in Bangkok' live shows. Please see the booking form for more info on these extra options, including the infamous Ping Pong Show and Fetish Club experience.

This is a fun nightlife tour and not a sex tour. We have a lot of girls taking our tour as well as groups of guys and couples. The tour is for everyone interesting (participants must be over 20 years old).

We organize all of the transport and move you around in complete safety. We stick to places which we know are fun, and safe. There are no rips offs, padded bills or hidden extras ANYWHERE on this tour. Girls can take our tour in the full knowledge that they will not be pestered.

You can get to experience the best of Bangkok's Nightlife without the hassles. We have the map so you can simply site back, relax and have a good time.

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Filming of Hangover2 in Bangkok